David Fussenegger Katalog 2022

Kissen / Cushion 2er Set / Set of 2 8084 | . . 40 x 40 cm NIZZA MATERIAL / MATÉRIAU 95% Recycling-Baumwolle / Recycled cotton / Coton recyclé 5% Viskose / Rayon / Viscose Kissen aus Recycling-Baumwolle. Mehr Informationen zum Baumwoll-Recycling finden Sie auf unserer Homepage. / Cushion made from recycled cotton. For more information on cotton recycling see our homepage. NEW COLOU RS* 20 60 91 74 14 93* 31* 90 High-grade cutting scraps from clothing industry are collected, sorted by colour and mechanically shredded into raw fibers. Afterwards new yarns are spun and new fabrics woven. THE PROCESS OF COTTON-RECYCLING Have you ever tailored a piece of clothing for yourself? If so, you are very familiar with the fact that there’s always leftover or excess material, the so-called cutting scraps. Those scraps are the basis for our recycling concept. In the first step of this recycling process the scraps are sorted by colour and bundled together into bales. After sorting, those clips are run through a machine that shreds the fabric into raw fibers. Then the raw fibers are combed and spun back into new cotton yarns. Depending on which colour shade our design team needs for their new creations, different clips can be mixed in order to obtain the desired tone which makes another dying process unnecessary. That way our environment profits in 3 different ways: waste prevention, preservation of resources and the use of chemical dye can be minimized! COTT NFIBERRECYCLING 15 14