Klippan Home Collection 2022/2023

CAREFULLY SELECTED We know what good quality should look like. Many aspects need to be taken into consideration such as thickness, length and whiteness of the fiber. Often, you have to blend different types of wool to reach the perfect result. To master this takes knowledge and persistence, something that we have acquired during our 140 years in the business. SWEDISH WOOL Our Swedish wool comes from many relatively small farms located in the southern parts of our country. It is sheared and sorted to suit our special needs. The wool is dense, warm and without any chemical treatment. GOTLAND WOOL The Gotland sheep is a Swedish breed, dating back to the Viking era. The wool is wonderfully airy, glossy and smooth with colors in different shades of natural grey. LAMBSWOOL Lambswool is from the first shearing of a sheep at around the age of seven months. Lambswool is softer and more elastic than adult wool. RECYCLED WOOL The recycled wool fibers come from our production process. It can be anything from wool from the carding machine to yarn threads from the loom. As it is a mix of several different productions, the yarn acquires a wonderful and vibrant color variation. MERINO WOOL Merino is a famous traditional breed of sheep originally from Spain. It is considered to provide the thinnest, finest and softest sheep wool. CASHMERE WOOL Cashmere comes from a special goat and rearing takes place primarily in various parts of Asia. This is the most exclusive fiber of them all. It is strong and heat-insulating while being wonderfully soft and light. ECO WOOL The eco wool is tested by an independent laboratory and is guaranteed as free from pesticides. RESPONSIBLE WOOL STANDARD (RWS) This standard addresses the welfare of sheep and the land they graze on. The wool comes from certified farms that have a progressive and holistic approach to farming. OEKO-TEX® All products produced by our factory are OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified. This means that they are free from chemicals which are harmful to human beings. All parts of the product are thoroughly tested and the certificate is audited annually. WOOLMARK® Our wool products, except for the recycled ones, contain 100 % pure new wool of the highest quality and are thereby approved by Woolmark®.