Spira of Sweden Katalog 2024 - Kumpel | Freunde

MALINKA 6467 Malinka is a sassy lady with girl power. She´s not afraid to say wath she thinks and is brilliant at giving advice. DORIS 6507 Doris is a prima donna. She preferes to have the entire sofa to herself and glares at you if you intrude. If youbecome her friend, you´ll be rewarded with various spoils from the garden RUBEN 6509 Ruben loves burgers. He´s pobably visited every single burger joint within a hundred kilometers. His favourite is a chipotle burger with hickory sauce and caramelised onions. His dream is to open his own burger bar one day. IDA 6508 Ida is a bit of a whirlwind, quite clumsy and always ready to laugg. She loves to sing but prefers to sing well. She´s an annoyingearly bird never misses a beautiful sunrise. EBBOT 5452 Ebbos is an adventurer who´s got up to all kinds of scrapes. Ask him – he knows all the answers. BOSSE 5826 You really have to keep an eye on Bosse. Although he looks sweet, he’s a bit of a cheeky character. BIA 5824 Bia loves to travel, ideally far, far away. She’s dreaming of India at the moment. The Taj Mahal, exciting food and a yoga retreat. LUKE 5825 Luke is the kind of guy who enjoys meeting up with friends. He doesn’t mind spending the odd evening in front of the telly either FRANK 5180 Frank – a cool guy with a big heart. Through thick and thin, he´ll always want to be your friend. MAX 6468 Max is a laid-back guy who takes things as they come. He´s not what you´d call a morning person, he prefers to stay in bed. PIM 6469 Pim is a clever, shy and quiet girl. And she love horror films. She ploughs through several every weekend and is happy to hold your hands when things get too scary RENATE 5178 Renate – a sweet girl who likes revamping things. When she´s not trawling throuhg a flea market looking for bargains, she loves lounging on her sofa. LUCKY 6702 Lucky loves company. She easily takes offence if you pass her by without stroking her muzzle. Hum a tune to her and sh´ll be your best friend. NORA 6701 Nora is a creative girl with lots of energy. She likes it when theres action. Renovating, painting, knitting and sewing there´s nothing she can´t do! ARON 6700 Aron is an energetic guy and a master at padel. He likes to go out for a long run before sunrise. But his favorite thing of all is spending the evening with you on the sofa.

ESMERALDA 5836 Esmeralda is a fun girl who likes to keep track of things, she loves everything being neat and tidy. She´s a good listener. GUSTAV 5827 Gustav is a whiz at taking it easy. Hunting mice? Not his thing. He’d rather spend his days lying in bed. KERSTIN 5920 Kerstin adores flowers. She dreams of a garden full of Dahlias PENNY 5921 Penny enjoys taking walks in the park. A little dog who likes mischief and play. HEDDA 6107 Hedda, a cool girl who does her own thing. Likes to shop at secondhand stores and hang out with her friends ZORRO 5922 Zorro is best at most things, even if he does say so himself NIKE 6108 Nike studies at an art school and spends all her time at the museum NAOMI 6109 Naomi started her own punk band, and when she isn´t hanging out inthe rehearsal room, she is sewing her own clothes. ELSA 6193 Elsa loves life – she bakes the most delectable buns and likes to sit and chat a while. BODIL 6264 Bodil is a true artist’s soul. She loves going to the theatre, drinking prosecco and planting exotic plants. LOUIE 6578 Louie is a glamorous city boy who preferes not to get his paws wet or fur tangled. He loves getting his claws manicured, eating brie and howling at the neighbourin cats. ASTRID 6576 Astrid is spiritual and harmonious. She loves Bikram yoga and anything that soothes her soul. You´ll often find her with acup of tea, curled into an airmchair AXEL 6577 Axel is a charming guy who always has a new joke to cheer you up. In his leisure time, heplays bongos and collects basebaall caps. At the moment he has 137. JUL EBBOT 6579 As the ice settles on the lake. Ebbot immediately gets into the Christmas spirit. He packes away his boots and combs his beard and decorates his little hut in colorful Christmas lights. NISSE 6580 Nisse like to climb. His favoriteplace is the top of pine trees or with his paws sticking up in the air in front of a crackling fire. He loves his human´s salomon soup.

Elsa 6197 Gustav 6198 Esmeralda 6199 Naomi 6113 Bodil 6267 Hedda 6111 Nike 6112 Malinka 6470 Nora 6704 Lucky 6705 Aron 6703 Doris 6510

Bosse 5831 Renate 5580 Luke 5830 Zorro 5926 Frank 5578 Bia 5829 Ebbot 5579 Kerstin 5928 Axel 6582 Max 6471 Pim 6472 Ruben 6512

Astrid 6581 Axel 6582 Louie 6583 Ida 6511 Nisse 6585 Jul Ebbot 6584

Gustav 6081 Bia 6082 Bosse 6083 Hedda 6114 Nike 6115 Naomi 6116 Esmeralda 6204 Luke 6205 Bodil 6270 Frank 6019 Malinka 6473 Elsa 6203 Pim 6475 Doris 6513 Ida 6514 Ruben 6515 Aron 6706 Nora 6707 Lucky 6708 Kerstin 6080

Penny 6552 Zorro 6553 Axel 6587 Astrid 6586 Louie 6588 Max 6474 Ebbot 6079 Renate 6020 Jul Ebbot 6589 Nisse 6590

Aron 6709 Bosse 6710 Doris 6711 Kerstin 6713 Ebbot 6712 Nora 6714

KATTKÄRLEK tray Ø31cm 6554 EBBOT coaster Ø9 cm 6716 DORIS coaster Ø9 cm 6717 TRAY 27x20cm BOSSE 6568 EBBOT 6555 DORIS 6569 GUSTAV 6570 KERSTIN 6556 BODIL 6571

FRANK kitchentowel 6400 EBBOT kitchentowel 6401 KERSTIN kitchentowel 6402 6558 6559 6560 6561 6562 6563 GIFT CARDS 10x15

Rika orange 6687 Rika blue 6688 Knopp asphalt 6516 Knopp blue 6517 Knopp yellow 6518 Klyfta mint 6520 Klyfta brown 6519 SHOPPINGBAG 48x38x20 cm