Roros Tweed Collection 2022

3 2 Eighty years of Røros Tweed Eighty years of Røros Tweed Eighty years of Røros Tweed

5 4 Eighty years of Røros Tweed Eighty years of Røros Tweed Since 1940 we have created long-lasting Norwegian wool products. Today our range contains several hundred unique products. Everything we do has its origin from our weaving mill in the small mountain town of Røros, and to this day our facilities remain here. Our weaving traditions and craftsmanship are kept alive through the dedication and knowledge of everyone who proudly contributes to our ever-evolving story.

7 6 Eighty years of Røros Tweed Eighty years of Røros Tweed How it all began Our story starts in the 18th century when valuable copper was discovered in Røros. It brought great wealth to some, but most people in the rural town remained poor. When Peder Hiort, the director of the mine died in 1789, he passed on his entire fortune to a foundation that provided textile education and raw materials to the less fortunate. This enabled the community to make garments that would keep them warm during the cold winter months. The foundation would also purchase these ready-to-wear garments and redistribute them back to the community as charity. Based on this Røros Tweed was established in 1940 and worked as a sales outlet for locally made textiles. Often, the workers who had received payment for the clothing they made, received the same clothing back. Peder Hiort’s legacy has created a tradition for handcraft and textile production that served to lay the foundations of Røros Tweed. Since then we have come a long way, but our core and passion for Norwegian wool has never changed. Through craftsmanship we continue to create wool products that last for generations and along the way inspire future textile artists and designers to keep the tradition alive.

9 8 Eighty years of Røros Tweed Eighty years of Røros Tweed 01 01 Isak throw — red sumac

11 10 Eighty years of Røros Tweed Eighty years of Røros Tweed The finest Norwegian lambswool In Norway we have a long tradition of breeding sheep, harvesting their wool and handling it as a valuable resource. This unique local resource will forever remain at the core of our craftsmanship. Norwegian sheep are sheered once or twice a year – during the spring and autumn. The wool is then sent to wool depots. How the wool is handled and sorted is crucial for its value. Through our close cooperation with the Norwegian association for wool, Norilia, we receive the finest Norwegian lambswool. The wool is treated, coloured and spun at our yarn mill, Rauma Ullvarefabrikk, and later woven at our weaving mill in Røros. Norwegian wool meets the criteria for Cradle to Cradle and the Nordic Eco Label. This entails good animal welfare, low energy consumption, proper resources and minimal use of chemicals. In 2015 Norilia was the first wool producer awarded with the Svane certification, the official Nordic ecolabel. Making the process even more sustainable Norilia’s wool washing supplier has developed a process where 96% of the water is cleaned and reused. We are proud to say that all of our products are made from Norwegian wool and are entirely produced in Norway from raw wool to finished product.

13 12 News News News

15 14 News News The Knut series by Hallgeir Homstvedt This season we present a new collaboration with one of Norway’s most talented product designers, Hallgeir Homstvedt. Hallgeir holds a BA of Industrial Design and honours from Newcastle University in Australia. After completing his degree in 2006, he went on to work for the pioneer design studio Norway Says before opening his own design studio in 2009. He now works across the fields of furniture, interior and product design, focusing on products that are tactile, interactive and engage the observer’s curiosity. Hallgeir has previously designed the much loved Bislett series for Røros Tweed. The Knut series comes in five different colour combinations; cobalt blue, lime, field green, taupe and dove grey.

17 16 News News Knut draws inspiration from the most elementary process in weaving, the actual binding of the vertical and horizontal threads. The pattern is a tight and precise grid, drawn in saturated colours. All five colourways consist of neutral and saturated colours, carefully composed to give the plaid two distinct sides. One side is more bold in colour while the other side is lighter, with colourful highlights where the horizontal line weaves through. Knut throw — taupe

19 18 News News Knut throw — lime Knut throw — lime

21 20 News News Knut throw — cobalt blue Knut throw — cobalt blue

23 22 News News Knut throw — field green Knut throw — dove grey, field green, lime

25 24 News News Knut throw — dove grey Knut throw — dove grey

27 26 News News A classic in new shades Kattefot was first launched in August 1988 and has since become a classic in our collection. The throw was originally designed by Judy D. Lundin, a freelance designer at Røros Tweed in the late 80’s. Judy was inspired by the landscape and colours in the nearby surroundings of our mill in Røros. With a textural and timeless expression, this fringed throw has been a household favourite for decades. As a core piece in our collection, Kattefot is reintroduced this season in four refreshing new colours. Resulting in a total of six distinct colour options. Kattefot throw — moss green, burnt ochre Kattefot throw — light grey

29 28 News News Midnight blue, burgundy, moss green and burnt ochre all add new elements to the collection, although the design and feel of the throw remains the same. Kattefot throw — burgundy, moss green, midnight blue, burnt ochre

31 30 News News Kattefot throw — midnight blue, burnt ochre, burgundy, moss green Kattefot throw — burgundy

33 32 News News Kattefot throw — light grey Kattefot throw — light grey

35 34 News News Introducing the Isak cushion The Isak throw was launched in the fall of 2021. A classic series designed by Anderssen & Voll for Røros Tweed. The collection consists of four colour variations; green meadow, chestnut, far away blue and red sumac. We are now extending the series with 60x60 cm cushions in the same colour palette as the throws. The first sketches for the Isak series came about in 2016 when Anderssen & Voll was part of an inter- national design research project called ‘Furnishing Utopia’. The initial stage was organized as a workshop at the Hancock Shaker Village in Massachusetts, USA. Craft was a central part of the Shaker Movement. The frugal, solid and clear way in which they shaped their surroundings, had a certain sense of modernity, material sense and care to it which resonates well with challenges, needs and desires of our own time. The seats of classic Shaker chairs are often braided from colourful, woven cotton tape. The designers translated this braided expression from a constructive textile surface and into a light, soft and decorative throw. Isak throw — chestnut, Isak cushions — chestnut, far away blue, green meadow Isak cushions — chestnut, far away blue, green meadow, red sumac

37 36 News News “We have allowed ourselves to draw inspirations from a broad variety of belts; the classic shaker tape, the elastic webbing bands you would find in the seat frames of quality sofas as well as straps and belts from bags and other fashion accessories.” The Isak cushion, comes in the same four colour variations as the Isak throw and measures 60 x 60 cm. Isak cushions — chestnut, far away blue, green meadow — Anderssen & Voll

39 38 Designers Designers Designers

41 40 Designers Designers Inga Sempé The French designer Inga Sempé creates visual poetry. She is well-known around the world for being a designer with extra- ordinary sensibility. She has done remarkable works in furniture, lighting, objects and textiles for many renown brands. Sempé was awarded the Grand Prix de la Création en design de la Ville de Paris in 2003. Her two first works for Røros Tweed is the throws and cushions Agnes and Bernadette. Runa Klock Klock holds a master’s degree in design from the Oslo National Academy of the Arts. She has a playful and curious approach in her designs. Her work is often inspired by nature and the natural beauty of different materials with a graphic touch are typical elements for her design. Klocks’ work is characterized by an openness to cooperate with people in various disciplines; her practice extends beyond product design to include food, exhibitions and entrepreneurship. Several of her projects have a strong social profile. Filos, Klocks design for Røros Tweed, is a soft and light throw. The throw comes in six different colours, all woven on the same striped warp. The pattern is inspired by the tartan seen in Scottish kilts. The colour blends that occur in the squares where the woven threads intersect, are harmonious and warm, and go from light to dark. This way you can choose your own expression, depending on how you fold the throw. Kristine Five Melvær An Oslo-based designer working with tableware, lighting, furniture, textile and graphic design. Melvær explores the subject of object communication, bridging the disciplines of product design and graphic design. Focusing on the communicative potentials of objects as a means to create emotional bonds between object and user. By searching for the sensual essence of phenomena, she translates these qualities into sensuous objects with a Scandinavian simplicity. Her first throws came to be known as the Mikkel series and the Naturpledd. Melvær sourced her inspiration for the Mikkel series from the Bauhaus design school’s sharp, geometric shapes and rich colour palettes. For the Naturpledd series, she sought inspiration from nature and based her designs on using non-dyed yarn and the natural grey colour tones of sheep. She later went on to design the Åsmund, Melvin and Portør series, as well as the colour palette used for Stemor, as natural extension of her initial designs. Snøhetta Snøhetta Design is an award-winning, multidisciplinary graphic design and branding agency incorporated within the Snøhetta architect offices in Oslo and New York. All of their projects are based on strong and sustainable concepts. Snøhettas’ method is based on collaboration with multiple professions working together to explore differing approaches to each project. Snøhetta has designed several throws for Røros Tweed, among them Colour Noise, which is still a favourite in the collection. “A field of soft lines with mud make their own way to the deep background, a seamless transition from glow to colour, from noise to silence” is how Snøhetta describes this beautiful throw. Elle Melle A graphic design studio based in Ålesund that has received the Award for Design Excellence from the Norwegian Design Council. They have collaborated closely with us since 2010 and because of their many years of working with Røros Tweed’s profile we wanted them to design our profile throw, Arv. The inspiration for the throw is drawn from Norwegian hand-weaving traditions – a cultural heritage with deep historical roots. Bjarne Melgaard Bjarne Melgaard is one of Norway’s foremost and internationally renowned contemporary artists. He has held more than 45 individual exhibitions at leading galleries around the world. He is also a frequent curator, author and producer, having written more than a dozen novels and produced several films. His works are showcased by leading museums and art collections around the world. In September 2012 Melgaard opened the exhibition “A house to die in” at the Institute of Contemporary Art in London. For the exhibition Røros Tweed was engaged to weave a 500m2 large floor carpet. Røros Tweed’s contribution to the exhibition inspired Bjarne Melgaard to further collaboration. Karen Staver An experienced designer educated at the Norwegian National Academy of Craft and Art Industry in Oslo and Bergen kunsthøgskole. In her early career she worked as a designer of upholstery fabrics and curtains from 1971 to 1985. She later moved on to working freelance as a textile designer for various companies, including Røros Tweed. Myrull is a beautiful throw designed by Staver for Røros Tweed. With a simple design in natural hues, it reflects the hillside landscape around the town of Røros. Judy D Lundin Judy D Lundin has an education in sociology and art from Macalester College in her home state of Minnesota in the USA. She is also an educated lecturer in arts and crafts from Statens lærerhøgskole in Oslo. Lundin has many years’ experience of teaching weaving techniques and was engaged as a freelance designer at Røros Tweed from 1987 to 1989. For Røros Tweed she designed the throw Kattefot in 1988 which is still, with its timeless expression, a best-seller. This classic fringed throw is available in six different colours. Glick A design group consisting of Gjertrud Grødem Stikbakke, Linn Sofie Øistad, Christina Tønnesland and Kaja Marie Kristiansen – all teachers in design, arts and crafts. Together they won the Throughout the years we have worked with a vast selection of design talents. They have all contributed with their creativity and individual styles. For us at Røros Tweed it is important to work with both established and up-andcoming designers from various fields, to both challenge and develop our brand. We also see it as our responsibility to pass on knowledge about our craftsmanship, to ensure that the core of our work remains for generations to come.

43 42 Designers Designers design competition at Oslo Design Fair in January 2017 with their contribution Bergstaden. The design captures the traditional town of Røros utilizing modern technology in the form of pixels. Using a variety of colour combinations that creates different expressions fitting seamlessly into people’s homes. Sara Wright Polmar An Oslo-based designer with a degree in interior architecture and furniture design, from Oslo National Academy of the Arts. After graduating Polmar teamed up with Victoria Günzler, and established their studio günzler.polmar in 2011. Polmar is one of the three initiators of ‘Klubben’, with a goal to promote new Norwegian designers, and to increase collaboration and a sense of community between young designers. Polmar also work on individual projects within product and furniture design, and as a project coordinator for design fairs and exhibitions. The blanket Toskaft was designed based on the theme past-present, and inspired of curtains designed by Annelise Knudtzon for Røros Tweed in the 1970s. Polmars design is based on traditional weaving techniques, translated into a contemporary and clean expression. Ingunn Birkeland Ingunn Birkeland is an Oslo-based fashion designer known for her unique handmade woven square patterns, red carpet dresses and show pieces. Exquisite details, time-consuming techniques and artistic expression are central to her work – in combination with her very own specific palette of pastels and fluorescing colours. In the City collection Birkeland has designed for Røros Tweed, she shows a graphic version of her own handmade woven textiles – all transferred the loom in four different colour palettes; pastel, mint, orange and aqua. ByHands byHands represents some of Norway’s most talented con- temporary artists. Based in Oslo, they work with both national and international clients. Their award-winning illustrators represent a unique range of skills and techniques. For Røros Tweed the talented illustrators Darling Clementine, Hanne Berkaak, Sandra Blikås and Anette Moi has created five playful and exciting new artworks for the kids collection. Kvam, designed by Kristine Five Melvær, 2020 Isak, designed by Anderssen & Voll, 2021 Isak throw — green meadow Kvam throw — orange

45 44 Selected favourites Selected favourites Selected favourites

47 46 Selected favourites Selected favourites Fri throw — summer red Fri cushion — harvest, Picnic cushions — coral, deep moss green

49 48 Selected favourites Selected favourites Stemor seating pads — grey, misty green Lynild throw — mint, Kvam throw — green, Stemor seating pads — grey, misty green

51 50 Selected favourites Selected favourites 01 02 01 02 Kvam throw — orange Kvam throw — blue

53 52 Selected favourites Selected favourites Filos throw — yellow Filos throw — yellow

55 54 Selected favourites Selected favourites Frogner throw — green Mimi throw — espen’s green

57 56 Selected favourites Selected favourites Isak throw — red sumac, Isak cushion — red sumac Isak throw — chestnut, green meadow

59 58 Selected favourites Selected favourites Isak throw — red sumac Isak throw — red sumac

61 60 Selected favourites Selected favourites Naturpledd throw — flette Flette cushions — natur, grey, Naturpledd throw — flette

63 62 Selected favourites Selected favourites 02 01 01 02 Isak throw — chestnut Isak throw — green meadow

65 64 Selected favourites Selected favourites

67 66 Product overview Product overview Product overview We have a wide range of products from throws, to cushions, seating pads, as well as products for kids.

69 68 Product overview Product overview Cushions Our products are made from Norwegian lambswool. Wool is a natural material, products may differ somewhat depending on temperature, treatment and weaving methods. * Cushions: 50x50cm, 1,1kg | Picnic, Isak and Fri cushions: 60x60cm, 1,3kg Bernadette 102351 light blue/beige Agnes 102257 green Agnes 102258 blue Bernadette 102352 rust/turquoise Bernadette 102353 light pink/light grey Bernadette 102354 dark grey/light grey Flette 103055 grey Fri 103451 late fall Fri 103452 by the fire Agnes 102255 pink Agnes 102256 grey Flette 103051 natural

71 70 Product overview Product overview Mikkel 103755 orange Picnic 103552 light cognac Picnic 103555 dark petrol Portør 101303 pastel Mikkel 103756 grey Picnic 103553 deep moss green Portør 101301 purple Portør 101304 natural Picnic 103551 natural Picnic 103554 coral Portør 101302 roseship Stemor 106570 grey Fri 103453 harvest Fri 103456 gray day Mikkel 103752 pastel Fri 103454 summer red Isak 105351 green meadow Mikkel 103753 green Fri 103455 november view Isak 105352 chestnut Mikkel 103751 dark Mikkel 103754 red Isak 105353 red sumac Isak 105354 far away blue

73 72 Product overview Product overview Una 103852 ochre Una 103853 light red Una 103854 blue Stemor 106571 rust Stemor 106574 sunshine yellow Syndin 101951 slate Syndin 101954 glacier Stemor 106572 wine Stemor 106575 dusty pink Syndin 101952 moorland Syndin 101955 cloudberry Stemor 106573 misty green Stemor 106576 deep blue Syndin 101953 well Una 103851 grey Åsmund bold 104151 pink/green Åsmund bold 104153 red/turquoise Åsmund gradient 104251 pink/green Åsmund gradient 104252 yellow/violet Åsmund gradient 104253 red/turquoise Una 103855 green/red Åsmund bold 104152 yellow/violet

75 74 Product overview Product overview Seating pads Our products are made from Norwegian lambswool. Wool is a natural material, products may differ somewhat depending on temperature, treatment and weaving methods. * Seating pads: 45x45cm, 0,1kg Elg 262002 grey/natural Elg 262435 red/natural Isbjørn 275002 grey/natural Kvam 25212 orange Elg 262411 brown/natural Flette 23051 natural/grey Isbjørn 275005 blue/natural Kvam 25213 green Elg 262432 green/natural Isbjørn 275001 grey/black Kvam 25211 greyscale Kvam 25214 blue

77 76 Product overview Product overview Stemor 26576 deep blue Syndin 21953 well Syndin 21951 slate Syndin 21954 glacier Syndin 21952 moorland Syndin 21955 cloudberry Mikkel 23754 red Stemor 26570 grey Stemor 26573 misty green Mikkel 23752 pastel Mikkel 23755 orange Stemor 26571 rust Stemor 26574 sunshine yellow Mikkel 23753 green Mikkel 23756 grey Stemor 26572 wine Stemor 26575 dusty pink Mikkel 23751 dark

79 78 Product overview Product overview Large Throws Our products are made from Norwegian lambswool. Wool is a natural material, products may differ somewhat depending on temperature, treatment and weaving methods. * Throw: 135x200cm, 1,6kg / 1,2kg | Throw with fringes: 140x220cm / 150x210cm, 1,1kg / 0,9kg Agnes 2251 red/blue/natural Bergstaden 4451 olive/mint Bergstaden 4454 grey/blue Bernadette 2353 light pink/light grey Agnes 2253 pink/grey/beige Bergstaden 4452 blue/pink Bernadette 2351 light blue/beige Bernadette 2354 dark grey/light grey Agnes 2254 blue/green/natural Bergstaden 4453 beige/blue Bernadette 2352 rust/turquoise Bislett 5151 peach/pistachio

81 80 Product overview Product overview Bislett 5152 cappuccino City 4652 mint City 4653 aqua Elg 62001 grey/black City 4651 pastel City 4654 orange Elg 62002 grey/natural Filos 3651 grey Filos 3654 yellow Filos 3652 blue Filos 3655 green Filos 3653 burgundy Filos 3656 brown Fri 3451 late fall Fri 3454 summer red Fri 3452 by the fire Fri 3455 november view Fri 3453 harvest Fri 3456 gray day Bislett 5153 lemon tart Color noise 1653 pink/orange Color noise 1652 olive/light yellow Color noise 1651 black/natural Color noise 1654 blue/light blue

83 82 Product overview Product overview Frogner 4851 natural Frogner 4854 burgundy Isak 5353 red sumac Isbjørn 75002 grey/natural Frogner 4852 heather Isak 5351 green meadow Isak 5354 far away blue Isbjørn 75005 blue/natural Frogner 4853 green Isak 5352 chestnut Isbjørn 75001 grey/black Knut 5452 field green Knut 5455 dove grey Knut 5453 taupe Knut 5454 cobalt blue Knut 5451 lime Kvam 5211 greyscale Kattefot 55005 white Kattefot 554006 midnight blue Kattefot 55404 light grey Kattefot 554065 burnt ochre Kattefot 55486 moss green Kattefot 55488 burgundy Kristin 57005 natural/grey

85 84 Product overview Product overview Kvam 5212 orange Lofoten 4554 light purple/petroleum Lynild 1457 blue Kvam 5213 green Lofoten 4552 grey Lynild 1452 red/blue Lynild 1458 mint Kvam 5214 blue Lofoten 4553 burgundy/mint Mikkel 3751 dark Mimi 5051 tobacco Mikkel 3754 red Mimi 5054 pale lemon Mikkel 3752 pastel Mimi 5052 espen’s green Mikkel 3755 orange Myrull 46001 natural Mikkel 3753 green Mimi 5053 apricot Mikkel 3756 grey Myrull 46002 light grey Lofoten 4551 blue/mule Lynild 1454 grey/natural Melgaard 2151 grey/natural

87 86 Product overview Product overview Myrull 46005 beige Naturpledd 3053 veve Picnic 3552 light cognac Picnic 3555 dark petrol Naturpledd 3051 flette Naturpledd 3054 knytte Picnic 3553 deep moss green Skog 4901 beige/natural Naturpledd 3052 nøste Picnic 3551 natural Picnic 3554 coral Skog 4903 grey/natural Skog 4904 black/natural Syndin 1955 cloudberry Syndin 1952 moorland Toskaft 56037 grey/turquoise Skog 4905 brown/natural Toskaft 56035 grey/yellow Syndin 1953 well Una 3851 grey Syndin 1951 slate Toskaft 56036 blue/blue Syndin 1954 glacier Una 3852 ochre

89 88 Product overview Product overview Una 3853 light red Vega 4351 natural Vega 4354 dark green Åker 2853 olive/natural Una 3854 blue Vega 4352 grey Åker 2851 light grey/natural Åkle 4051 light grey/beige Una 3855 green/red Vega 4353 black Åker 2852 grey/natural Åkle 4052 light grey Åkle 4053 light blue Åsmund bold 4151 pink/green Åkle 4054 dark green Åkle 4055 dark blue Åsmund gradient 4251 pink/green Åsmund gradient 4252 yellow/violet Åsmund gradient 4253 red/turquoise Åsmund bold 4153 red/turquoise Åsmund bold 4152 yellow/violet

91 90 Product overview Product overview Half size & baby size Our products are made from Norwegian lambswool. Wool is a natural material, products may differ somewhat depending on temperature, treatment and weaving methods. * Half sizes (M): 135x100cm, 0,8kg / 0,6kg / 0,5kg | Baby sizes (B): 67x100cm, 0,4kg / 0,3kg Byhands bamse 1155 B turquoise/orange City 4652 M/B mint Byhands krokodille 1154 M green/natural Fri 3451 M late fall Byhands cool cats 1151 M/B multi City 4653 M/B aqua Byhands skogbunn 1152 M/B blue/natural Fri 3452 M by the fire Byhands fugl og fisk 1153 M/B grey/beige City 4654 M/B orange City 4651 M/B pastel Fri 3453 M harvest

93 92 Product overview Product overview Mikkel 3752 M/B pastel Orion 1201 M/B light green Mikkel 3755 M/B orange Orion 1204 M/B red Mikkel 3753 M/B green Orion 1202 M/B light pink Mikkel 3756 M/B grey Sau 77435 M red Mikkel 3754 M/B red Orion 1203 M/B blue Naturpledd 3051 M flette Sau 77436 M black Fri 3454 M summer red Kvam 5211 M/B greyscale Kvam 5214 M/B blue Melvin 4753 M/B turquoise/lavender Fri 3455 M november view Kvam 5212 M/B orange Melvin 4751 M/B light pink/yellow Melvin 4754 M/B purple/pink Fri 3456 M gray day Kvam 5213 M/B green Melvin 4752 M/B light pink/light blue Mikkel 3751 M/B dark

95 94 Product overview Product overview Sau 77449 M blue Una 3853 M light red Una 3851 M grey Una 3854 M blue Una 3852 M ochre Una 3855 M green/red

Photography: Inger Marie Grini & Tom Gustavsen Stylist: Line Dammen Graphic design: Mos Røros Tweed AS Tollef Bredalsvei 8, 7374 Røros